Last Year EP

by Planet Neil

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released April 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Planet Neil Norwich, UK

Planet Neil plays post-punk electronic pop. Planet Neil is a solo project based in Norwich, UK. Regular EP releases are planned. I fronted post-punk band Screen 3 in the eighties, and more recently was part of bn deluxe, who issued two albums in 2014/2015. ... more

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Track Name: Last Year
Last year was a bad year
Forty years have come to this
The rise of stupid
We're all asleep
Watching TV
Too tired to weep
too awake to dream

Last year was a bad year
Last year was a bad year

River taken for granted
Trickled up 'til the well is dry
Lost concentration
We all consume
Make lies the truth
Deny the youth
the chance to dream

Last year was a bad year
Last year was a bad year

Looked up to a bigger sky
Saw no borders
Track Name: Introducing
Introducing myself
taking time to be me
making words that rhyme
that came to me

Love me
Need me
Want me
Take me into your hearts

Make my way to the stage
put my name up in lights
let me out of my cage
I think I'm ready

I think I'm ready

Introducing my song
say the words back to me
Though you may hear me wrong
I think I know

Here's a message for you
so take it into your head
Take a lesson in life
you can be
Track Name: Grace
Brace yourself to leave this place
Live on your wits in a corrupted state
Youth crushed for a false ideal
Struggle to express the way you feel

New York

Give me courage to leave this place
Hard stare
Straight face

Is it commerce is this art?
Is this yourself or do you play a part?

From the catwalk into the street
Does it move your heart or just your feet?
Are you a sinner or a saint?
Be yourself, with no restraint
Track Name: Play This Note
Don't rush
Don't push

You could play something else
play the way you feel
You don't don't have to play that note at all

Enjoy your freedom
while you can
it may not last forever

Play this note, play that

Show your feelings, to someone
may be your only chance
Track Name: Sing Instead